1-Political Leaders

  • ECWA appeals to your conscience and good heartedness to be receptive to the voices of your constituents especially those who trace their roots to the Middle East. There are approximately 500,000 in Australia whose background are Middle Eastern CChristians; all  of whom are worried for the safety and welfare of their family members and friends who are being persecuted and suffering in the Middle East.
  • ECWA invites you to draw on your capacity to vote for the public aid programs allocating budgets that will help the Middle Eastern Christian refugees start a new life and contribute positively to our peaceful and welcoming nation Australia.
  • ECWA urges you to encourage government institutions, universities and TAFE to recognize the academic achievements and work experience of the refugees in order to help them consolidate their qualifications thus facilitating their integration into the Australian workforce the quickest possible way.

2- Church Leaders, Priests and Religious Organizations:

  • Should your Diocese, parish or community be associated with a primary or secondary school associated with it, then ECWA prays and hopes free tuitions would be offered to a number of refugee students for a period spanning over 3 to 5 years.
  • ECWA wishes that you share this brochure in your hands with all your community members informing them about ECWA and its mission.
  • ECWA encourages you to rally your community members to open their hearts and arms offering their God given talents in order to welcome the Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
  • Encourage parishioners to become members of ECWA by registering online at; and ECWA wishes to collaborate with your welfare association in order to optimize the usage of available resources, which are intended to facilitate a dignified settlement of the refugees.

3-Private Sector and Fellow Citizens

  • ECWA appreciates your past as well as your ongoing support.
  • ECWA urges the Private Sector to open its doors to the new refugees offering them training and work. This initiative will assist these refugees in becoming financially independent and offers them hope for a better future.
  • Individuals can consider offering educational support such as English teaching or basic information system support for accessing resources and services.
  • ECWA wishes all the citizens of this great nation to support its mission by spreading the word through contacting their respective Public Officials urging them to facilitate the resettlement of the refugees, and by joining forces with ECWA in order to help those afflicted brothers and sisters members of the same human race who are coming to the shores of Australia driven by the principles of this great multicultural and welcoming nation.